You only have one chance to make a first impression.
Let Darby help you put your best foot forward.

Love fashion, but find nothing fits you properly 'off the rack'? Then look no further. Our garments at Darby are custom-crafted to your exact measurements and designed with fabrics sourced from the finest mills in the world.

Our Story

Darby is a custom haberdashery, founded by Ali Darby Ryan, to help men craft a stylish wardrobe that takes the hassle out of choosing what to wear every day. Clothes should help you to feel profoundly comfortable yet highly confident, and Darby thrives on assisting men with achieving that perfect combination. When you work with Darby, you gain the convenience of having a perfectly crafted wardrobe with pieces that are easy to mix and match which frees you up to spend more time doing what you love than deciding what to wear.



After more than 12 years of experience in the fashion industry, I realized my true strength and passion is found in custom design. Nothing makes me happier than the look on a client’s face when he gets his first custom suit and feels that boost of confidence. That “I-look-GOOOOD” feeling. Now that is a perfect way to start your day! Pair that with the ability to customize and design each piece to reflect a client’s personality and my job is as fun as it gets.

Dressing well is a form of good manners.


Ready to look and feel like your best self? We’d love to work with you! Get in touch to schedule an appointment with Darby.

Happening Lately